Hairloss Treatment

Envy Beauty Aesthetics Pty Ltd Scalp rejuvenation process involves using a microneedling device with a specially made serum that aids in the promotion of hair growth, thickness and enlarge hair follicle size.

Our method includes the use of single use disposable microneedling cartridges that causes minor skin injuries and is an effective treatment for hair loss. It helps to induce stem cells in hair follicles promoting hair growth and stimulates the hair follicles in the scalp leading to regeneration and faster hair growth.

The specific serum used has been proven to fight inflammation, stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss in several ways:

1. Blocks the DHT found in our scalp (the culprit to hair loss!)

DHT is the #1 cause of male and even female hair loss

2. Increases hair follicle size, which means thicker hair

By increasing the follicle size of the hair, the hair will have a more thick and full appearance to it.

3. Stimulates blood flow to the scalp

Another awesome benefit of this super star serum is that it stimulates blood flow to all the affected areas of the scalp. We can resume fresh hair growth by stimulating the capillaries under the scalp to support the follicles and bring healthy blood circulation back into the scalp.

4. Prolongs the “growth cycle” of our hair

Your hair is always in 1 of 3 hair growth cycles: Anagen (growth phase), Catagen (transition phase), or Telogen (resting phase). The anagen or “growth” phase of the hair generally lasts between 3-5 years and this is the state most of our hairs are in at any given time.

The hero product is proven to extend the life of the growth phase. This means they not only trigger the anagen phase, but also extend it and provides overall good increase hair growth, thickness and enlarge hair follicle size.

Envy Beauty Aesthetics
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